The School

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most preferred school for child development, highly regarded for its academic excellence and for its contribution in actively serving society.


Charles Wesley Academy is a private not for profit co-educational school. We are dedicated to serve the needs of students and parents to produce future self-motivated, confident and disciplined individuals ready to provide service to the community and the world at large.

For the students, the school is committed to provide a holistic development of mind, body and soul. By mind, the aim is to develop the intellectual capacity of each student’s ability through a guidance process of mentoring and coaching  for the individual to identify innate intellectual capacity and nurture it to grow to its fullest potential. By body, the school aims to provide resources and facilities for individual student to be physically fit, identify sporting and creative interests and abilities to enhance their development and growth. Finally, the school is committed to the development of the soul through religious, moral and civic education. All three aspects are necessary to build a confident and motivated character with the necessary skills to become civic-minded and responsible adults.

For the parents, the school is committed to provide the best parental care in the absence of the guardians on campus. Concerns of guardians will guide the school administration in providing the necessary support for each individual student.



Our Mission is to offer the highest quality of support, care and environment for child development. Our school strives to create a peaceful, joyous, secure and serene environment where each person is treated with unconditional positive love and acceptance. Within such an environment, each student will be empowered and inspired to reach his or her full academic, emotional, physical and spiritual potential to serve mankind.

Our Ten Core Values

  • Love First. Love for humanity and teaching with love. The school abhors caning or any form of physical, emotional or mental abuse.

  • Uniqueness of the Child. We recognize that every child is unique and special and will be accorded the respect, love and dignity s/he deserves as a child of the universe.

  • Holistic development. We strive to empower and inspired each child to reach his or her full academic, emotional, physical and spiritual potential to serve society.

  • Disciplined mind in a disciplined body. We train children to be of good behaviour and law-abiding and respect for each other’s rights, respect for punctuality and the elderly, avoidance of bad and uncouth language, bullying and exercise self-control.

  • Critical Thinking. We dedicate ourselves to train the child to objectively analyse, reflect and reason to guide a belief or action in pursuant of academic excellence. To further critical thinking, each student MUST read at least one-story book every month. The one-one-one rule.

  • Exploration. We promote teaching and learning environment that fosters curiosity and questioning to enable the current knowledge, identities, experiences, and worldviews of the students to be used as a platform to build on and a guide for navigating new learning. We encourage students to work collaboratively and independently

  • Innovation. We stimulate intellectual curiosity by encouraging students to take risks, challenge the status quo, and seek innovative solutions, explore innovative technologies and virtual worlds to transform the known to the unknown and challenge beliefs and assumptions and apply imaginative processes to create new works

  • Cleanliness. We provide clean and serene atmosphere and surroundings for learning. We strive to inculcate decency in dressing habits, person hygiene, clean oral and body care.

  • Teamwork. We believe that child development is a teamwork between parents, teachers and the child. We all have a role and responsibilities towards developing a responsible individual in the society.

  • Leadership, Self-Motivation and Confidence. We recognize that Leadership is about service to society and everyone must be motivated and confidently provide leadership wherever s/he finds him/herself in society.


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