The objective of Charles Wesley Academy Foundation is to set up a fund to support four main activities:

  1. Award scholarships to the needy. Scholarships will be awarded primarily to students who are financially incapable of supporting themselves and are found capable of pursuing academic programs. It is our belief that any motivated individual should have the opportunity to further his or her education and should be supported.

  2. Recognize and promote excellence. Students and staff who excel themselves in pursuit of the aspirations of the school be it sports, academics, music and the arts and extracurricular activities will be duly recognized.

  3. Carry Out research for the advancement learning and child development.

  4. Promote a culture of service to the community. This will involve twinning and or collaborating with local and foreign institutions such as churches, schools, non-governmental and governmental organizations for the exchange of personnel and students through internship and volunteering to provide service to the school and community at large.


Sources of Funds

The Foundation is open to financial contributions and support by Philanthropists, individuals, corporations, organizations in pursuit of the objectives set out above. Funds may be dedicated to:

  • Target needs identified

  • Support collaborative partnerships

  • Strengthen teaching and learning

  • Promote best practices

  • Nurture tomorrow leaders

  • Promote professional exchange

All contributions will be duly recognized and the award named after them if so desired.