The Foundation and Beneficiaries

As the name of the school depicts, we have established a Foundation whose aims and objectives are published on our website. The Foundation is primarily to raise funds from individuals and corporate organizations to support academic excellence, good manners, needy pupils and educational research.  Donations are invested in an endowment funds whose dividends are applied to support the Foundation


Sources of Funds

The Foundation is open to financial contributions and support by philanthropists, individuals, corporations, organizations in pursuit of the objectives set out above. Funds may be earmarked by the benefactor/donor’s specific interest including but not limited to:

  • Support collaborative partnerships

  • Strengthen teaching and learning

  • Promote best practices

  • Nurture/Mentor next generation leaders

  • Promote professional exchange

  • Promote academic excellence

All contributions received are duly recognized through “honours and dedications of special mention” and an award named after the donor or any person the donor desires to dedicate for special mention.  A one-time donation of   GHC1000 and above earns the donor a permanent recognition which implies a scholarship scheme will be set up in the name the donor so desires and students will benefit from this scheme annually. Any amount below GH1000 is considered a one-time contribution for a one academic year award unless renewed. A bursary may be given in exceptional cases to students who may face financial challenge for some unexpected reason.

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