Charles Wesley Academy


Educational Objectives
The overall objective of the school’s program is to nurture the inherent qualities of mind and
character of the students to respond positively to learning and societal challenges. The school will
achieve this through the following specific objectives:
 Provide an environment to nurture innovation and analytical thinking;
 Provide an environment to face the challenges of the technological global world;
 Develop communication and interpersonal skills;
 Ability to work in teams and collaborate across wide range of networks;
 Culturally and community sensitive and oriented individuals;
 Provide leadership by serving and;
 Extra curricular activities in the creative arts, personal fitness and a healthy and well
balanced lifestyle.

Academic Programs
Junior Secondary School Department (JSS)
 JSS1 Age 9 years
 JSS2 Age 10 years
 JSS3 Age 11 years

Courses offered are: English, Mathematics, Religious and Moral Education, Science, Ghanaian
Language, Social Studies, ICT, French, Basic Design and Technology